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smart, liquor-free, snappy and gentle


Hello and welcome the website of the first alcohol-free bar in Berlin. We are a bar for when you donít feel like drinking. At our place, you can be yourself and enjoy alcohol-free beers, wine and coocktails. Just go for liquor-free, joyful and wonderful. In the center of Berlin. Now we know what youíre thinking: this is a party bar in the middle of Berlin. But party doesnít always have to end with a hangover, and Zeroliq proves that with its 0% alcohol drinks menu. On our menu youíll find alcohol-free cocktails, tonics and a range of booze-free beers.

first-class! liquor-free in Berlin.

Just come and see the new way of going out with a booze. Be a playful version of yourself. So, are you looking for liquor-free and homelike? Well, some people say that thrilling, royal or noalcohol pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also outstanding, sociable or easeful.

soft? Some historic documents!

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But today it is more about liquor-free, relaxed or flavouring. Take a leap to the liquor-free drybar!

liquor-free drybar in Berlin - nonalcoholic bar Berlin