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Welcome on our web-site. We want to represent you the beauty of booze-free lifestyle. We invite you to have a look on our alcohol-free menu consisting of beers, wine and cocktails. Just go for dry, cosy and hangoverfree. In the center of Berlin. As a booze-free bar, rather than a sober bar we welcome people from all over the drinking spectrum who are sober curious. We select dealcoholized wine from all over Europe and offer a variety of cuvee, rose, white and sparkling wine with booze in our bar in Berlin. Additionally, we offer over 20 sorts of alcohol-free beers.

cool! dry in Berlin.

Check it out! Be passionately curious and meet like-minded people at Zeroliq! So, are you looking for dry and familiar? Well, some people say that sober, snappy or awesome pretty much describe something about us. Perhaps also nouvelle, berlin-based or wonderful.

booze-free? Some historic documents!

... s of chemically pure, therefore concentrated, nutrient material. The matter is simply this: Beer is a beverage containing alcohol; hence the doubt as to so self-evident and undoubted a fact as that there is nutriment in beer. Since alcohol comes somehow into play today, there are many who know not what to t ...

But today it is more about dry, modern or alternative. Take a leap to the dry alcoholfreebar!

dry alcoholfreebar in Berlin - nonalcoholic bar Berlin